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Hara Ra (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 22:49:15 -0700

OTOH, the process DID work. The sniffing resulted in demoloshing the credibility of the putative cowgirl. The next step up is to incorporate cryptographic methods, such as signature verification, zero info proofs and so on. This could be automated and operate in a manner similiar to the discussion and annotation system available at Foresight.

The whole point is verification and evaluation of reputation. The net is new, and hasn't evolved effective methods yet. Not that I am hopeful, embezzlement and fraud are everyday crimes in the world of finance...

And thanks for the ancedote....

>> The quick and dirty approach is for folks to voluntarily provide it, and
>> personal Web pages are available today. I would like to see a search engine
>> which takes a name, or corporate name, and returns the home page URL....
>hara ra, this approach doesnt really protect either privacy or protect
>from data vandals. consider my recent experience with the car shopping.
>i could not find information on potential problems with a pickup truck i
>liked, so i found a website. many posts expressed concern over a new
>feature of the 98 fords, that the transmission would not hold up under
>the increased load.
>then i saw a post that went something like: im a texas cowgirl and i haul
>my horses in a yakkity yak trailer and that trany is doing fine after bla bla
>miles, etc.
>well, as with extropians, she had the problem of a woman on a male
>dominated group and they started sniffing. (mmmmm, feeemaaaaale,
>like truuuucks, mmmmm) {8^D they asked about her horses, she
>never responded. well, if you know horse people, they love to talk
>about their horses. so now i suspect "she" was a ford dealer that
>posted that, hoping to allay fears about the product.

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