Re: Singularity: The Trendline Argument

J. Maxwell Legg (
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:28:19 +1200

maxm wrote:

> Besides there are plenty of small industrialised countries that could have
> been robbed but hasn't, and a lot of Asian countries are getting a lot more
> wealthy these days without robbing anybody.

Maxm, the Asian countries were just being fattened the slaughter. Neither New Zealand or Australia can't be included in your list of small industrialized countries because they have certainly been robbed by so-called "top people" who just love countries without extradition treaties.

> The world is getting wealthier each and every day because of technology and
> knowhow.
> Wealth is not a zero sum game.

Said the central banker to the people of the Titanic economies.