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Mon, 28 Sep 1998 02:52:46 +1200

"Joe E. Dees" wrote:

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> > > >Systems need to change and they need to be able to anticipate their own
> > > >future behavior or change and the constructions that permit them to see
> > > >themselves across some stages of change. My gut feeling is that zero
> > > >can't do this.
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> Are you talking about the concept, current in contemporary
> complexity theory, of anticipatory feedforward?

Thanks for the reference. "The semiotic binding process... uses a group of alphabets... in a break and ignore... phase locked loop... to create this strange attractor of anticipation... if only to shatter the present to get to the future...

Of note, the United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) report, "New
World Vistas - 21st Century," commissioned by the Secretary of the Air Force and
co-signed by the Chief of Staff (94), concluded in 1996, on pages 50 and 51 of the
Executive Summary that:

'...Novel enhancements in Human-Machine aggressively

pursued. The ultimate interaction is Thought Control.' (WARNING: very buzzword compliant)

Why all the above concerns the "Logic of Zero" is because I can't help feeling that the Thugee tricked the world into a global economic minima based on the number zero. ERGO: Ian Goddard's learned pattern of response, which in another fora he might agree could be accounted for by drug-induced learning without volitional cognition.

Whereas, "The human brain gets out of this eventual evolutionary trap of closed loop cybernetics through the semiotic-based process of "Feedforward" anticipatory strategies." I don't hold out much hope for a world trapped by the "Logic of Zero."

"In essence, there are forms of non-linear ergodicity that evolve from focus at certain scalar transformations into chaos at the next
transformation, and then back into focus at another scalar pattern. "

I've often thought that the persistent idea of zero came out of a seafaring mindset that had to deal with sink or swim facts of life. To such as the pirate Russell and his slave traders of the British empire, a native land based culture immersed in a greater sphere of natural information would have a hard time grasping this cutthroat's purely one-sided illusion of a zero-sum teleology.

Finally I'd like to add that adjusting behavior to cut costs isn't the way to arrive at a new statespace and that a purely objective conception of science is nothing more than a pipe-dream; locking us ever deeper into zero.