Re: Is Change slowing down?

maxm (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 15:28:03 +0200

From: John Clark <>

>The Internet is great but I don't think it could
>compete with all of that.

I must say that I find that the last few years with www, e-mail and all that has been some of the most satisfying years of my (non peronal) life.

>Computers didn't effect the average person much in 1949 but many of the
>basic principles of their operation had already been discovered by
>Turing, Von Neumann, Shannon and others

The problem with computers is that they make inventions seem transparent and allmost too easy.
To say that many people has computers and when everybody has one that the development has then stopped, until a new technological tool comes along and transforms the world, is dead wrong.

Each little piece of software is potentially a new invention. Each little piece of software can mean more than any af the old hardware inventions. Imagine how the internet revolution would have happened if everything had had to be made in hardware.... The browser hardware, the mail hardware, the mp3 hardware.... etc. The rante of invention is racing along today, we just don't notice it as it is hidden in upgrades and downloads.


Max M Rasmussen
New Media Director Denmark