Re: web based health studies

Hara Ra (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 00:26:26 -0700

>some way to allow a large population to download a lot of
>information about their lifestyle, health habits, health problems,
>etc, into a universally accessible database, while simultaneously
>protecting the database from vandalism (possibly by health
>product manufacturers) and guarding the privacy of those who
>contribute to the database.
>how, extropians? how how how how do we do it? spike
The quick and dirty approach is for folks to voluntarily provide it, and personal Web pages are available today. I would like to see a search engine which takes a name, or corporate name, and returns the home page URL.

I once looked for Dean Witter Reynolds, and got pages and pages of URLs which came from local chamber of commerce local business listings. I never did find the DW home page by web search. (the site was a stupid corporate dud anyway)

Extending this metaphor is simple:

Joe Blow HOME - Joe's home page
Joe Blow INFO - Joes public info page(s)

Foobar OPINION Joe Blow - Foobar's page about Joe

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