Re: Space Colonization List

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 16:18:30 -0400

At 10:20 AM 9/26/98 -0400, Technotranscendence wrote:
>I tried to subscribe to this list. Do you have the exact commands handy?
>Chances are, when you subscribed, the list send some instructions. (I
>tried using "subscribe" in both body and
>subject of email and this didn't work.)

I subbed up to a few lists that were on the list of lists where that list was found. However, the other lists had "listserv@..." as the subscription address. But this would be what to do here if what worked for listserv programs works for marjodomo:


[in body text write]

subscribe asi-philosophy

That's all I did for the other lists and it worked in every case. The list of lists had no more info than that which I forwarded.

If that fails, contact: Peter Turland <peter.turland@VIRGIN.NET>

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