Re: Identity Defined

Doug Bailey (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 13:39:33 -0400

Ian Goddard wrote:

> The analysis of synthetic numeric identities here-
> in allows us to see and thereby prove: (a) that
> identity is conserved, expressed via the real num-
> bers as a constant zero-sum, since, for example, n
> is always as much more than x as x is less than n;
> (b) that identity is therefore symmetrical; (c)
> that Relative identity is holistic, since all non-
> zero identity attributes are derived from other-
> difference; and (d) that the Absolute (nonrelative)
> identity of each and every thing equals zero.

I guess at this point I am wondering what kind of useful insights can be drawn from the conclusions above. I can not find any. I'd rather identify to what end such a conclusion might contribute before wondering whether it is valid.

Doug Bailey