Re: nanotech revolution

Max M (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 11:32:07 +0200

From: Dan Fabulich <>

>Presuming there ARE any winners, of course. :) I think it's irresponsible
>to suggest that there isn't more than a slim chance that if and when a
>nanotech-AI is implemented, it won't simply disassemble us all for parts.

Well why shouldn't it just force upload us all... just like today where you don't know if you are eradicating an important genetic species in the rain forrest, you might be destroying some important memes.

If like in the genes where it is often stated that there is less than 5% difference in our genes, that there only is a 5% difference in our meme pool we could share a common meme pole and have different "threads" running for our individual existences and still not feel any the worse. We would just utilise the resources much better.


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