Life extension article, inc. extropians

Max More (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 10:49:29 -0700

You'll see quite a few familiar names in life extension quoted in an article at:

I'm a bit frustrated at what they chose to quote from me and what they left out. Especially when, immediately before the first quote from me the reporter writes: "Butler, the gerontologist, said: "I think we're not spending enough money on aging and life-extension research, but I'm not sure if longevity enthusiasts are helping the cause. I think they're hurting it by their outrageous statements that have no basis in fact." Futurists feel no such fetters and rarely worry about exactly how or when their predictions will occur. "

What I said was that I was not willing to predict when a major life extension breakthrough would occur since it depended on breakthroughs that no one accurately time. This quote above implies something quite different.

Still, it's good to see more coverage of these ideas.


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