Re: Interesting Article

Alan Ferguson (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 00:53:56 -0600

> The Cramer interpretation excludes the foggy neither/both possibilities. Since
> Feynman models show that quantum interactions are a conjunction of particles
> shaking hands with virtual emissions going both forward and back in time (as an
> antiphoton is merely a photon traveling backward in time) which reinforce each
> other to create real particles transmitted between, and cancelling out virtual
> emissions outside the handshake by destructive interference, that there is never a
> state of indecision. The cat is always either alive or dead. The two possible
> choices are not both made (thus creating two parallel universes) only one choice
> is made, so there is only ONE universe resulting from a quantum interaction, so
> multi-verse theory is bunk.
> Mike Lorrey

If only one choice is made how does the double slit experiment work? If the particle chooses a single slit, not both how does it interfere with itself and generate a fringe pattern?