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Max M (
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 10:16:25 +0200

In normal genetics there is the "species". I am not exactly sure of the correct definition of when something is a species but shurely two creatures are of different species when they can not have offspring.

Back in the gatherer hunter days we stopped developing as human species via genes and instead our development has been in memes. From that day on we have had parallel development of memes in different societies.

If we use the genetic species as a metaphor for a memetic species(memspecies) it would maybe help to clarify some of the communication problems that we have as humans.

One thing is that we as humans generally has less respect for the life and welfare of other species thinking that human life is the most important.

Perhaps some of our problems when it comes to respecting other peoples opinions and beliefs is that we subconsciously believe them to come from a different memspecies. They are not our "species" any more. If they are not to different they merely have another memetic "race" (memrace).

(You memetic racist you :-) )

This could explain why we lump together on the Internet in cultural groups and "memraces"

Some memes has great difficulty making "offsprings." Ie it has been difficult to combine different religious fractions and it has been difficult to wed science and religion as they come from different memespecies.

Perhaps it even explains why party politics is such a drag for many of us scientifically inclined people. Politics is in the same memetic memegroup as religion.

Heavy on dogma and light in search of the "truth."

Well just some thoughts but I hope there was a few new ideas in there.


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