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Dear Mr. Nicoletti and Mr. Long,

Attached is an example of spam which I have been receiving from your network. When I inquired in the anti-spam community the general response was that direct1.net was a spam-happy spamhaus which allows its customers to steal computer services from innocent netizens. Not being one to take this at face value, I decided to check out your website and see if there is any indication of your pro- or anti- theft of electronic services position. I checked your faq and other links but could find no info other than you allow people to use their accounts for commercial use (from the FAQ.) Next I checked to see if you had an abuse, spam-complaint, or fraud mail account, none of which were to be found.

So I am writing you to ask you direct: does direct1.net knowingly allow and support their customers who steal electronic services via UCE (aka spam) and act as a spamhaus or spamdrop?

Please consider that (1) the courts have repeatedly upheld that the right of free speech stops at the border of our property (our routers, our networks, our servers) and (2) it is not legal for advertisers to transfer the majority of the costs of advertisements to the carriers and recipients of the advertisements (see TCPA and the junk fax law - this is the basis of the same).

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this inquiry.

The spam which originated and spamvertises a server on your network follows. Please note that this was sent to a mailing list dedicated to enhancement of quality of life and life extension and has NO prior relationship with this THIEF.

Copies sent to the US Federal Trade Commission.

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