Re: (fwd) Buzz Words

Anders Sandberg (
17 Sep 1998 12:38:26 +0200

"Bryan Moss" <> writes:

> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > I'm working with a roleplaying game set in the
> > near future, and hence I'm interested in how
> > slang and colloquialisms might develop the next
> > 17 years. Any ideas?
> If you want to go for a cyberpunk feel, how about
> arm-mounted slang boxes with hot-swappable ethnic
> modules?

Actually, what I'm doing is non-cyberpunk, a kind of techno-political thriller. But since most characters are definitely going to be using wearables and translation programs, the ethnic modules might be a good idea. Just look out for crucified santas :-)

[Crucified Santa Claus : A big inter-cultural mistake, when someone trying to adapt to or imitate a culture really mess things up. A slightly joking term, named after an incident when a japanese departement store tried to make a "western" christmas display, and placed a crucified santa claus in the middle. ]

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