Re: The Human Memeome Project

Fred C. Moulton (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 23:27:36 -0700

At 06:30 PM 9/16/98 -0400, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Joe Jenkins wrote:
>> The Human Memeome Project,
>> The biggest problem is excluding the right sites in order to make "The
>> Net Memeome Project" representative of "The Human Memeome Project". I
>> would start with excluding commercial and most adult sites.
>I don't think so. Since sex/reproduction is the prime motivator for the
>vast majority of humanity, leaving it out is stupid, puritanical and

I also think excluding commercial and adult sites would be counter productive. Commercial and adult sites can function as sources and channels for memes just as can academic or organizational sites. We should also be aware of the impact that sexually explicit video tapes had on the early video market. And I have read that today many of the sites that are doing a lot of work with online video are sexually explicit sites. Think of the information that would be lost if the Human Genome Project wanted to exclude genes related to sex.

A meme is a meme, document and collect any and all that you want. Someone will probably get some of the ones you miss.

At this point I should make a profound point about Bartley and PCR, but I am have a busy day tomorrow so I will leave that point for someone else.