Re: Ultimate Potential of SI versus HI/>HI

Brent Allsop (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 09:25:53 -0600

Nick Bostrom <> commented:

> Strong superintelligence refers to an intellect that is not only
> faster than a human brain but also qualitatively superior. No matter
> how much you would speed up a dog brain, you would not get a
> human-equivalent brain. Similarly, some people think that there
> could be strong superintelligence that no human brain could match no
> matter fast it runs.

I don't like this. The primordial soup of atoms and molecules randomly bouncing around on prehistoric earth were certainly less intelligent than a Dog. Yet they have managed to create/design all life including Dogs and ourselves, who can't (or at least haven't yet) come close to matching these complex intelligent abilities. True, this utter stupidity gets it's power from it's massive parallelism and eon length durations. But, just the same, pure random stupidity has accomplished far more intelligent tasks/discoveries than everything the collective set of human brains, taken alone, has so far accomplished.

> However, the distinction between weak and strong superintelligence
> may not be at all clear-cut.

Yes, this is what I'm saying. A dog works to survive, using all the intelligence it can. The DNA must be included in the Dog's total intelligence. The smarter ones survive better than the less smarter ones. Thus, I would think, they too, can eventually accomplish all things a human mind might accomplish even though they are at the moment a bit behind us.

Brent Allsop