Re: It seems that not everything is known yet
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 12:55:36 EDT writes:

>It seems that space probes travelling through the solar system are not

>behaving according to the known law of gravity, puzzling scientists.


Not too long ago, somebody mentioned a theory of gravity where gravity is transmitted by particles in such a way that over small scales gravity was inverse square but over longer distances it dropped linearly with distance.

The power of this is that it rather conveniently explains the synchronized rotation of galaxies and the missing mass of the universe.

The proposed distance at which the inverse becomes dominant was several parsecs, as I recall. Hence, it was supposed to be very difficult to detect. However, it occurred to me that with the very high precision of our measurements, we should be able to detect increased gravity from the sun in the outer solar system. Inverse square would be dominant, but inverse linear would have some effect. This is exactly the reported effects. I would be interested in seeing some quantitative comparisons of the observed effect to the inverse linear hypothesis.