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Sarah Marr (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 15:17:11 +0100

At 11:35 14/09/98 +0200, Max Rasmussen wrote:
>From: Cen-IT Rob Harris <>
>>.....They are forever fixed like the set of INTEGERS
>>Is this a popular opinion amongst you all ? (Just curious).......
>Transhumanism and Extropy is based on scientific method and philosophy.
>Which means that everything is open to debate and if anything can be
>disproved it must be seen as false.
>Ethics and morality are no different. If they are wrong we must get new

Ethics and morality are different, Max. Whereas we can claim that the laws of physics etc. are the same everywhere, even if interpreted differently by differently cultures, that does not hold true for ethics and morality. Saying something is 'morally wrong' is only to apply a subjective assessment which is culturally developed and may be culturally normative. Morals and ethics cannot be disproved, merely disagreed with.