Re: RFI: Acropolis City/State Concept

Anders Sandberg (
14 Sep 1998 12:38:15 +0200

"my inner geek" <> writes:

> I was speaking with a telephone company executive about the future of
> the U.S. public utilities.
> He mentioned the topic of acropolistic city states.
> Does anyone have resources that explain this concept?

Didn't he mean arcologies?

Arcology is a termed coined by Italian architect Paolo Soleri in 1959 to describe the concept of Architecture and Ecology working as an integral system. Arcology designs are fully 3-dimensional mega-structure cities which can (theoretically) achieve much greater efficiencies, and promote more social interaction than 2-dimensional cities, while using far less land and consuming fewer resources. See also the FAQ of Arcosanti [Definition by Nathan Koren].

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