Re: Extropian Principles 3.0: Please comment on new version

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 23:25:41 +1200

I would love to see these "optimistic" adjectives put up into a noun/doing grid and displayed on my Ingrid site, but I haven't got time right now. Can anyone help?

Dan Fabulich wrote:

> I like Personal Autonomy better than I like Self-Ownership, for the reasons
> I've already mentioned. What sort of baggage are you referring to here?

May I? When I wrote my 'Synoptic Anatomy of Ekhumanity" which defined the many stages for the evolution of homo sapiens into homo divinus, the greek term "autonomous" was part of the definition of human nature, however because of our 'plant like' future this term became problematic in terms of legal guarantees against being unwittingly uprooted, as it were.


> >"Future markets
> >may not use money, may replace banking and corporations with other means. Our
> >support for markets means support for any effective implementation of
> >spontaneous orders in the economy, not a defense of any existing
> structures as
> >optimal."
> While *I* understand what you mean, I would argue that your use of the term
> "market" is not only at odds with my understanding of its definition, but
> the working definition of most readers. :) A market is a decentralized
> system for resource allocation, yes, but this is true in the same sense
> that a square is a rectangle. For example, Legg's proposed "neuronomy"
> would certainly be decentralized, but it would be an abuse of the term to
> call it a market.

Should you allow my term "neuronomy" to include those behaviors that use a spontaneous will and a conscience derived from at least an associative net that sums things in a non-linear way in order to bootstrap decentralized resource allocation systems of all kinds, I'd be happy to call that a market. Bootstrap may not be the right word here, but I hope you get my drift(:-) to see my long term goals (LngTrm) - use Netscape 4.x