Why I Am Leaving The List

Jonathan Grimes (JonathanGrimes@classic.msn.com)
Fri, 11 Sep 98 17:14:48 UT

Okay Mitch !

Here is my academy award style leaving speech.

You hate me ! You really hate me !

I think it is clear that I don't fit in here. I have been on the list for a long time and I have seen things go to SHIT. I will unsubscribe at some point.

Science and technology obviously have nothing to do with the new age philosophy of "Extropy".

As a transhumanist "Extropy" makes no sense. Transhumanism is science, science, science, technology, technology, technology.

And by the way I have MORALITY AND ETHICS. Some of you sick fucks probably think it is cool to kill people. This is for you.

" One day you will come face to face with a power
so unimaginably vast it could reorder the Earth itself."


PHILOSOPHY is for people who are too dumb to do science : )

It is nonsense. Increasing a substance which does not exist and never will exist. I really do not understand where Max is coming from with this -
"There is Entropy thus there must be Extropy"

Well Duh !?

Take a dunce cap Max and go sit in the corner.

I think Max needs to look at a thermodynamics text. I think he has no understanding of physics.

I think Max need to take Physics 1A.

I have brought this up with scientists and they thought I was a cup cake. Max can not be totally stupid however. I do admire how he has brain washed both 40 year old engineers and 20 year old computer nerds alike. I really admire that. Max you must have some brains after all. If you wrote a book on how to manipulate people for profit I would be knocking your door down for the first copy : )

Of course we all want things to be better, bigger and to be more. Why Max is calling this Extropy is beyond any rational comprehension.

I like the play on words by the way. Max More !

Max More also believes in capitalism.
I believe in capitalism more than anyone on this list. I think BILL GATES IS A FUCKING GENIUS ! Anyone who can manipulate the whole world like that is not dumb.


I and other transhumanists believe that capitalism is obsolete and there is no need to hoard the wealth. The transhuman goal is to obtain wealth to make that happen.

Nanoteck and SI will take care of that. HTML, LINUX anyone see a pattern forming. FREE FREE FREE Bill Gate's has served a purpose and that's that.

If all that above still did not register with the NEW AGE AIR HEAD nothing will. I suggest you go and have a nice herbal bath and listen to your wind chimes.

If you are a computer or science geek and you have lost your way like I have - Extropy is not the answer. If you are wise you will see what I have seen. Read every single sentence of the Principles over and over until you see.

I know for a fact that only a few of you have ever read the principals from TOP to BOTTOM. I urge you to do this NOW.

If Max really meant well he would have only a couple of sentences. Short and sweet.

There would be a basic right statement.
There would be a science and technology statement.

Read them over and over and over....

P.S - R.I.P

Max More wants to REMOVE limits to killing humans and HAL like computer intelligences. It is all in there. He would not blink if anyone on this list was bashed over the head with a hammer until they were dead. In fact I have a nasty feeling that it might turn him on.

Just a bit anyway..... : (


Max Is A Manson Type.

They are forever fixed like the set of INTEGERS

READ IT PROPERLY. Max More thinks libertarians are queers. Max More is not a libertarian like I thought he was. Max More is a thug who hides behind liberty to further his agenda. By the way Max More thinks the greatest scientist of the century Alan Turing is a faggot. Just thought you would all like to know. It is a fucking insult.

And If any of you new age philosophy types still can't see the light of day. Ask yourself this.

Why isn't he in denial mode, eh, eh ?
He isn't man enough to face me on his own fucking list. Pathetic. I have the run of the place at the moment and he says nothing. Pathetic.

I have done all that I can do. Now I must run to somewhere safe.