Re: META Re: Be your *own* boss!

Hara Ra (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 23:01:34 -0700

Well, ignorant as I am of the details of email lists, I will obtusely say: I thought there was a way to disable the List command in Majordomo so it is harder for a spammer to get in....

At 06:00 PM 9/10/98 +1200, you wrote:
>Hara Ra wrote:
>> >There are currently no restrictions on who can post to this list
>> >(due to popular demand).
>> I, for one, would prefer that the postings to the list come from list
>> members only.
>Hara Ra, you missed my point, which was that such messages don't even
>have to be posted to the list. The list of email addresses of those who
>are subscribed to the list is enough for a vindictive spammer to use to
>construct a forged post that looks like it came from and was sponsored by
>the list owner as could be the case here.

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