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Hey, the Internet does work to get to the bottom of things; - witness Clinton, et al.

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I sent this below to Peter Drucker and got an immediate response.

I am not a liar, so perhaps I made a mistake in my hand written notes, before I transcribed them into my manuscript years ago.

Sorry for the embarrassment. I think the way to resolve this is to access a Microfiche from a University Library or maybe the Library of Congress. I don't have access to even a decent library from where I live.

All I can say is I'm sorry, at least I try to tell the truth, even if I make a mistake.

Still in all there is something there, just have to find it.

Lee Markland

Professor Peter Drucker
Claremont Graduate University
1021 N. Dartmouth Ave
Claremont, CA 91711

Dear Professor Drucker:

Could you be so kind as to clear up an issue for me. I have received information that you wrote an article in a 1922 Edition of Fortnightly upon return from the Soviet Union.

Now your biography says you were born in 1909 and that would make you 13 years old.

Could that issue refer, perhaps to your father or a relative or perhaps another Peter Drucker.

I look forward to your response as there is a very heavy debate going on at the moment.

Thank you

I just received a reply from him.

"Certainly not by me nor by any one I ever heard of certainly not my father (Adolph) or any other relative. I have never heard of any other Peter Drucker. I suggest that there was no such article."

Signed Peter Drucker.

At 09:09 AM 9/11/98 +1200, you wrote:
>As you're closest you might want to take a punt and fax this Peter
>Drucker to see if he's interested in replying.
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>Thank you for your message addressed to Peter F. Drucker.
>Professor Drucker prefers to receive all requests via fax
>at 909-626-7366.
>Also please keep in mind that Professor Drucker receives
>literally hundreds of requests a week and may not be able
>to respond to every fax.
>Thank you,
>Jack H. Day III
>Admissions Counselor
>Claremont Graduate University
>Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management
>1021 N. Dartmouth Aveneue
>Claremont, CA 91711
>phone: 800-944-4312 or 909-607-7811
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>From: J. Maxwell Legg []
>Sent: September 09, 1998 7:39 PM
>Subject: About Drucker Page
>I'm trying to trace the authenticity of an article attributed to Peter
>Drucker. The attributer states:-
>> This is all I have on hand.
>> Peter Drucker visited the Soviet Union and came back and wrote an
>> article for Fortnightly Magazine in 1922. In it he said that the
>> Union was in reality seven trusts, organized along economic lines
>> (lumber, mining, etc). I don't have all of my original footnotes to my
>> researches and I scanned in my manuscript, sans two pages one of which
>> alas is the actual publication date of the Fortnightly Article, but it
>> is 1922.
>To which an objector at wrote:
>"Thanks for the research effort. I suspect that your feeling that this
>is "outlandish" is absolutely right. Peter Drucker was born in 1909.
>The man is very smart, but it's unlikey that he was publishing on this
>topis at the age of 13."
>I for one can't see why a 13 year old who witnessed WWI and the
>upheavals of his time wouldn't have been inspired to research and write
>such an article. I would appreciate any information on this matter.