Re: Documentation (sort of) on the USSR/Sweden Link

Dan Clemmensen (
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 21:35:38 -0400

James Ganong wrote:
> On a whim, I contacted the person Mr Legg offered as a reference for the
> allegation that Soviet Communism was in actuality a set of 7 private
> trusts; here is the pertinent part of the reply I received:
> From: (Lee Markland) Date: Sun, Sep 6, 1998,
> 5:13am To: Subject: Re: Russian Communism = Swedish 7
> Corp. Slavers?
> This is all I have on hand.
> Peter Drucker visited the Soviet Union and came back and wrote an
> article for Fortnightly Magazine in 1922. In it he said that the Soviet
> Union was in reality seven trusts, organized along economic lines
> (lumber, mining, etc). I don't have all of my original footnotes to my
> researches and I scanned in my manuscript, sans two pages one of which
> alas is the actual publication date of the Fortnightly Article, but it
> is 1922.
Thanks for the research effort. I suspect that your feeling that this is "outlandish" is absolutely right. Peter Drucker was born in 1909. The man is very smart, but it's unlikey that he was publishing on this topis at the age of 13.