about dynamic music

Cen-IT Rob Harris (Rob.Harris@bournemouth.gov.uk)
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 14:49:47 +0100

Well fellow thinkers, I think I'll follow Mr. Pablo's lead and make my first comment. Greetings all round.....

About your dynamic music idea........
I don't think you could expect much success from this little venture.....not that the idea isn't novel or original, but due to the source of our enjoyment of music. How many times have you witnessed somebody say during a song : "Here comes the good/best bit....", I bet quite a few, or noticed a song "grow on you", whereas you may not have been moved by it from the outset. The rush of anticipation before the chorus kicks in and the band go mad, or that shiver down the spine when you get to the uplifting bit, represent a significant factor in a person's musical enjoyment, and require listening more than once. A piece of music that is different every time you hear it would lack these vital attributes, removing "singing along", "the good bit" and "growing on you" in one fell swoop.
What do you think ?