ART: About dynamic music
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 16:26:33 +0200

Hello all!

Before all, this is the first time I write on the list, so I send greetings to every member...

Well, about the mental-music, I'm seeking works about dynamic music, this is, music that changes when the environment changes.... music is only static information, I think it's possible to add "procedural" or "funtional" information, so, music will change and will sound different on the night than on afternoon, for example, or when it's hot than when it's cold... or maybe the music could detect others factors like happyness, the existence of wars.... even we can install sensors on the net that changes our dinamic music on all planet long....

What do you thing about it??
Greetings, Juan Pablo.

"Es el hombre el mayor fallo de Dios?
  O Dios el mayor fallo del Hombre?"
			F. Nietzsche

Un saludo
Juan Pablo Puerta
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