Re: Singularity, Breaker of Dreams

Mitchell Porter (
Tue, 8 Sep 1998 07:41:03 +1000 (EST)

neosapient said

>3) If we start preparing now, by keeping a close eye on the
>the development of technologies that could play a major part
>in the Singularity (nanotech, AI, implants, intelligence
>augmentation, human-machine interfaces in general etc.)
>and by aquiring wealth (by any effective means) to set up a
>SI research facility, then we have a real chance of success.

I've just gone to and created a list

For the discussion of minds, brains, and intelligence, natural or artificial. Focus is on the nature of "superintelligence" and how it might be achieved.

The list address is starts a subscription procedure, which requires registration; as list manager, I can also add you by hand, at your request. will be the archives.