Re: Post-sexual?

Anders Sandberg (
07 Sep 1998 20:43:27 +0200 writes:

> Joe E. Dees [] wrote:
> >It appears from the chatter on this list that, for the vast majority here,
> >to be trans/posthuman entails being trans/postsexual as well. Joe
> Certainly not in my case, though I suspect our definition of 'sex' will
> have to change a lot.

I had a posthuman "wet dream" about AI sex. It was based on the assumption that pleasure for the AIs equalled solved problems/gained information, so AI sex involves a complex folding together of subprocesses of two or more AI systems so that they support each other and give each other an efficiency boost. There were constant references to Bach fugues. The visuals were interesting, luminious clouds of code linked by complex webs of function calls and message passing floating over a plain of hardware.

OK, my dreams are unusual.

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