Re: nanofood (was: meat animals)

Anders Sandberg (
07 Sep 1998 19:26:16 +0200

"Wesley R. Schwein" <> writes:

> Has anyone speculated, in SF stories or elsewhere, about the effects of
> nanotech on cuisine? Other than mass-produced rice for Chinese peasants, I
> can't remember any.

I think you could do all sorts of exciting things if the food was active - it interacted with your tastebuds not just passively but actively changing the taste over time. Imagine ripples of taste crescendoing over your tounge in synch with the dinner music.

Note that with nanotech food design becomes a software industry, and everybody can have the public domain grilled veal chop madeira with vintage wine somebody scanned - but you have to pay for the exclusive version (after all, the pd version is always the same) or the handmade version.

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