Apology to Damien Broderick

Mike Linksvayer (ml@gondwanaland.com)
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 22:54:22 -0400

I posted a message yesterday in the "Fix Unemployment" thread from which one could conclude that I meant to suggest that Damien Broderick harbors racist prejudices. I do not have any reason to believe he entertains any such thoughts and did not mean to suggest differently.


In an attempt to make up for the time of list members I have wasted with this apology, I suggest the following new search engines. I have found them quite useful. Hopefully this information will improve someone else's use of the net as well.

<http://www.northernlight.com/> performs reasonable web searches,
and also searches "4 million articles from over 4,500 journals, books, magazines, databases and newswires."

For queries producing large numbers of matching pages,
<http://google.stanford.edu/> often does a better job of finding
relevant items. Apparently it does this by examining the content of pages linked to in addition to the content of the page in question when it determines how to rank search results. Google also uses Linux on relatively low end hardware without bogging down.

See From: and Organization: above.  Call +1 415 553 6408 for assistance.