Wanted: Extropia Article

den Otter (neosapient@geocities.com)
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 21:18:15 +0200

I'm looking for the following article: "Extropia", 8 Extropy Magazine 35
(Winter 1991-92). So far I've only found a dead(?) link at T.0. Morrow's
website. Is this article available online somewhere?

While looking, I did find the "Extropia -- An E-zine for the 20th Century Cyborg" by Selena Sol, a strange blend of transhuman ideas and New Age
(or somthing). Perhaps this is the fabled "Dark Side", the men in black
latex with the home-made mice (X-Y pointers, not small fluffy rodents) attached to their body?