RE: banks and world conspiracy?

James Wilson (
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 04:51:53 -1000

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Perhaps, but putting on the latex gloves to examine the feces within which the diamond chips are embedded isn't one of the more enjoyable ways to spend ones time :-) But it could be said that reading the ramblings of the fundie xtians about the Masonic Satanic New World Order Conspiracy (tm) is good practice in examining paranoid schizophrenia in action.

Sarah Marr wrote:

> >> This story is good confirmation...
> This story is an ineptly written, poorly argued,
> racist tract aimed at simpletons who cannot see it for what it is.

I'm not a christian-fundamentalist, a racist or a simpleton and I didn't send
the URL to further this propaganda. Yes it could be better written and better
argued but I hope extropians can look further than obvious untruths to see
what else rings true. After all, the Net is full of truths hidden amongst
dialectics of this sort but if you aren't immune to it and it makes you sick
then you'll never be able to find out what one enemy knows about another.

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