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Hara Ra (
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 05:22:28 -0700

You know, LEGO is going to introduce a computer interfaced version of LEGO this fall for about $200. Here is an interesting challenge - building a LEGO assembler by hand, and then programming it to build more LEGO assemblers. Though this may sound trivial, I suspect many important aspects of the assembler problem would be revealed via this toy problem (pun intentional)

>>The arm on a
>>Nanotechnology based Assembler would be 50 million times shorter than a
>>human arm, and that means it could move back and forth 50 million
>>times faster than a human arm and just one pound of carbon would be
>>enough to make a billion billion such Nano Robots. There would still be
>>plenty of things to challenge even a super mind.
>Hmm... better go brush up on that LEGO :-)

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