Re: Beg your pardon? (Was: Teach the hungry)

Scott Badger (
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 21:23:10 -0500

To J. Maxwell Long:

It so happens that my dissertation dealt with career indecision among college students and my primary instrument of assessment was the cognitive grid as developed by George Kelly. And even with all this relatively
"inside" knowledge, I am having a most difficult time making sense out of
your posts. I'm sure they make sense in your construction of the universe. It just seems to me that your writing style is so fraught with some sort of personalized vocabulary, that it comes across as pretty ambiguous even to someone like myself who is familiar with Personal Construct Psychology (PCP). Now I'm sure you're very intelligent and I don't doubt that you have something valuable to contribute to this list, but I personally would appreciate any effort on your part to communicate your ideas as unambiguously as you are able. Imagine that we're all college freshmen attending your introductory course.

IOW, speak English!

BTW, when I find time I look forward to exploring INGRID.

Thank you,

Scott Badger, Ph.D.