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Randall R Randall rrandall6@juno.com Wrote:

>I had understood you to say that two copies of a person were not two
>*similar* people, but the *same* person.

True. I said that two exact copies were exactly the same person, in the example we had two similar copies and so two similar people.

>But by this same criterion, you are not the same person that wrote
>this post, and you weren't even 30 seconds later!

Am I really and truly the same person I was 30 seconds ago, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? These are probably not useful questions because they probably don't have meaningful answers. A more interesting question is, do I want to do the same things I did 30 seconds ago, the answer is no, I already typed the beginning of this sentence and don't want to do it again. Unless they are in identical environments two copies will very soon want different things, for example, one will want copy A to blow his brains out and the other one will want copy B to do it.

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