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Joe Jenkins joe_jenkins@yahoo.com Wrote:

>If non-destructive technology were available, would you choose
>to Upload

Damien Broderick quoted something I said on the subject in his book "The Spike" (it's first rate, you should read it). Somebody asked me if I would choose to upload even if the brain scan was destructive, I said I would choose to do so in a heartbeat.

>and keep your biological self alive or terminate it?

I would want my biological self vaporized one second after the brain scan was completed. If there was a mistake and the destruction was delayed for 60 seconds the uploaded John Clark would still want the biological one destroyed but the original bag of chemicals would disagree, he'd want to continue to live or better yet, destroy the upload and upload the biological John Clark again, and this time make sure it's done properly.

>I don't believe for a second that competitive Posthumans will be
>biological in any way.

I agree.

>The nature all around us just moves too slow to be interesting
>to a speeded up mind.

I don't agree. Nature operates on all levels from picoseconds to billions of years. Humans tend to be most interested in things from a second up to about a decade, but that's just a function of the way their brain works, there in no one absolute "real time". The arm on a Nanotechnology based Assembler would be 50 million times shorter than a human arm, and that means it could move back and forth 50 million times faster than a human arm and just one pound of carbon would be enough to make a billion billion such Nano Robots. There would still be plenty of things to challenge even a super mind.

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