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Wed, 2 Sep 1998 11:01:05 -0700 (PDT)

---John Clark <> wrote:

> I had a similar idea a while back and wrote a post about it on
> March 15 1997.

Given your stand on identity and survival, it is still unclear to me what survival utility you find in such a technology - and also what survival utility you find in destructive upload technology.

I know you've been consistent here. At first, I was a little confused because I had always assumed the characters in your fiction (about copying and uploading) were portrayals of irrational people - not yourself. It seems clear now that you were portraying your own position which, given your stand on the issues of identity, is not irrational.

In addition to John, I pose the following questions to anyone on the list who wants to respond:

If non-destructive technology were available, would you choose to upload and keep your biological self alive or terminate it?

If you choose to keep your biological self alive. Would you not expect that eventually after many augmentations that biological/cyborg self would see the limitations and inefficiency of living in the physical world and want to upload into Homodigititus himself?

If yes, would you want this process to terminate the biological/cyborg?

If no, would you not expect that after sufficient divergence that that biological/cyborg self would not feel the pressure of being a massive resource wasting relic of the past because of his (living in the physical world) status and want to upload himself?

If yes, do you not see a problem with this infinitely repeating cycle?

Then do you see some sort of logic in the madness?

Or, do you think there will always be a place in the physical/non-uploaded world for sentient beings on the forefront of posthuman competitiveness? Of course, I'm not trying to imply that eventually nothing will exist in the physical world. And I do recognize the importance of probes and sensors connected to uploaders in real-time. But, I see artificial reality as being the place of choice for all the movers and shakers of Posthumanity. I think manipulation of the physical world will be mostly automated with little real-time involvement from sentient beings of the Posthuman rank. Thus, I see the above cycle as eventually coming to a halt as the biological/cyborg realizes the error of his ways.

Joe Jenkins

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