Re: Teach the hungry (Was: Hollywood Economics)

Bryan Moss (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 14:01:20 +0100

J. Maxwell Legg wrote:

> As to how and why AI will influence the
> accounting business, several comments need to be
> made. Firstly, it will become obvious that AI's
> data mining efforts are being frustrated by the
> inability to access full transactional content.
> Then it will become globally apparent that
> national currencies are in fact an unregulated
> but inferior form of supervised neural network
> (i.e., all those cumbersome hidden layers, the
> invisible hand of capitalism, etc.) Capitalism
> is not a natural law of nature, as some like to
> say, and was born during times of inferior data
> gathering concepts.

Are you suggesting creating a giant neural net to facilitate resource sharing, so rather than be held at the whim of capitalists the economy itself will decide who gets what and when?