Hollywood Economics ... RADIO: Transhumanism

Natasha Vita More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 23:59:16 -0500

I'll rant along with Anders and Robin, and expand my target to include films, literature, videos, as well as animation and cartooning that dazzle the audience as well as projected faux idealism while mocking an exponential status quo of doomsdayers toward an uplifting critical mass of open ended possibilities of our future

At 01:02 PM 8/29/98 EDT, Greg wrote:

>The complete transformation of the world as we know it, sometime in the next
>50 years.

OK. Sure, good idea.

>Just kidding.

OK, Greg.

As I was saying, Hollywood has invested enormous amounts of money and effort spawning a fiction-mix of heroic vs. evil storyline to dazzle the audience while inhibiting any real critical thought about the future and possible storylines that may hold biographical events and accomplishments unveiling some insight in to how things just might be for fear that they may be interpreted by the audience as a yawner.



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