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Sat, 29 Aug 1998 15:11:07 +1100

"> >> > >In line with animal liberationists, I am proposing a law to make it
> >> > >illegal for human beings to kill animals.
> >> >
> >
> >good idea av, but doesnt go far enough. i propose a law to make
> >it illegal for any animal to kill any other animal....... {8^) spike
> Or, by inaction, to *allow* any other animal to die.
> Or, in the Tipler version, ever to have died.
> Damien Broderick

right! and i hereby arrest you damien for allowing, thru your reprehensible inaction, untold numbers of innocent bunnies to die from malicious attack by vicious carnivores! i furthermore propose a law to disallow postings after midnight, for they get far too silly.... spike"

Actually, it should be illegal to prevent any being from assisting the recipient of an act of force. That is to say, if Jerry Seinfeld and the three other New Yorkers attempted to prevent the consensual assistance of, say, a passer-by, towards the fat man being mugged, this would be illegal. And indeed, should be illegal. If an animal liberationist seeks to prevent a human from killing a boosted cat, who has the intelligence of a human five-year old, when it cries for help, if security guards then arrive and block such assistance, this blockage should constitute a crime.

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