Hollywood Economics (was Sentism)

Avatar Polymorph (way@warehouse.net)
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 14:40:16 +1100

Doubtless the 50 million Americans living in poverty appreciate having some power, food and answering machines, while 80% of the wealth lies with the top 10%. Ever do a graph of what that looks like? Perhaps you could debate it with the starving millions across the world. Doesn't America store enough grain to feed the world for a decade in the event of a nuclear war? Now it's asking other countries to do that for it.

To think, how little it would take for the elite of the superwealthy to provide food and power for the bottom third. How very little. How very very little.

The Australian Government gives one third of one percent of GDP to foreign aid. America is equally generous. Private citizens who are wealthy give a pittance.

For those of us who have a strong conception of morality, the surety of an impending nanotech bounty (presuming America does not decree its knowledge US-owned - like atomic weapons or particle beam projection systems) makes us wish to be more generous NOW. When it means even more. If I ever become wealthy, I intend to put half my wealth into a fund were the interests goes to the third world and the promotion of nanotech.

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