Re: chambers-grimes hoax and chimps

Spike Jones (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:02:00 -0700

> >... the chimp connection would only
> >be for a day or two, while the mind recovers from the shock...

> ...also the spinal cord to think about....

ya, im assuming there is no practical way to take advange of those nifty opposable toes and whatever it is that allows chimps to have sex 10 times a day... {8-D

> ...justification for mounting the head on an advanced life support system and
> using clean whole blood and the like - probably a better choice than a
> chimp body...

ok, but do we now have the technology to keep a human head alive? i dont see why not: we can pump blood, oxygenate it, dialyse it mechanically, remove other waste matter, add fresh rbc's to replace the ones damaged by the mechanical pump, add sugars and nutrients etc. so what is the show stopper if someone like steven hawking (already toast from the ears down) gets lung cancer, for instance. can we keep that magnificent head alive without a body? whats the show stopper?

> >wasnt there an aids guy who took a baboon transplant of bone marrow?
> >did he die? spike
> >
> I don't know what happened to him. It was a couple of years before protease
> inhibitors.

no, this was just very recently, in the last year i think. the newspapers were making a big hootnanny about him, then i heard nothing. spike