Re: CYBORG: Chip Successfully Implanted - way behind!

Anders Sandberg (
26 Aug 1998 20:37:53 +0200

Sarah Marr <> writes:

> Copy of letter I sent to The Independent newspaper here in the UK, today:
> "Sir,
> Some Trilucent breast implants contain a silicon device which can be read
> by an external scanner to return a code. This code can be used to access
> details of the implant itself and its date of implant, etc. from a central
> database. Professor Warwick is therefore far behind women who have had
> these implants introduced in to their bodies. I, personally, am about
> fourteen months ahead of him.
> Regards,
> Sarah Marr"

Nice! But now I'm curious, is it just static information about the implant on the chip? That is likely, but there ought to be potential to improve it a bit more by adding some chemical sensors to the chip to tell the implant state too. That way it might be possible to signal if the implant is getting old or suffering from damage.

Otherwise, we brainstormed a bit about an implantable biosensor capsule during Aleph's summercamp on Gotland last week. Imagine a small capsule under the skin of the arm, that can give you accurate information about current levels of blood chemicals, possibly other physiological stats. The principle is similar to the above chips. Most likely it would be fairly simple to manufacture, and very useful for a transhuman lifestyle.

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