Re: What makes science science?

J. R. Molloy (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 06:39:10 -0700

Scott Badger wrote:
>But back to your question. Does science hold all the answers. Yes. Science
>is our best methodology for eventually finding all the answers.

I'd extend that to include the honest contemplative's or mystic's experience as well. By applying scientific method to meditation, everyone who decides to look through this device (call it experimental cognition) can see what would otherwise remain unseen. Part of the conflict between science and religion comes from new methods versus old methods, but it also involves habits of thought and differences in relying on authority.

Religionists may honestly believe in the dogma they have learned, just as anyone may delude themself according to their preferences. Science changes as new evidence emerges, whereas belief systems change in order to avoid appearing irrelevant and out-dated.

What makes science science? In a word: verification. Without verification via experiment and observation, it remains theory.


J. R. Molloy