Re: CYBORG: Chip Successfully Implanted - way behind!

Sarah Marr (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 09:18:39 +0100

At 08:53 25/08/98 -0400, Doug Bailey wrote:
>A very brief article with a bit of tech-anxiety thrown
>in. I was unable to view the graphics that were associated
>with the article. Nonetheless, it looks to be of interest to
>people on the list.
Copy of letter I sent to The Independent newspaper here in the UK, today:


Some Trilucent breast implants contain a silicon device which can be read by an external scanner to return a code. This code can be used to access details of the implant itself and its date of implant, etc. from a central database. Professor Warwick is therefore far behind women who have had these implants introduced in to their bodies. I, personally, am about fourteen months ahead of him.


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