Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:21:25 EDT

How's this: We all get together with our Dutch compadres on Saturday, Sept. 12, at NASA, do the MSC for a few hours and then have some brews and seafood at the Turtle Club (famous for where the Orginal 7 ratpack used to get into trouble and still a good place to spot the occasional astronaut . . .)

Any Houstonians or other Texans who are interested should let me know in advance, as I'll have some logistical problems moving the Dutchmen around (as some of you know, I've only got a two-seater, so we'll need at least one more vehicle for the trip to Clear Lake.)

Also, Berrie, did you get my off-list message? -- I got a bounce message, but I've learned not to trust them . . .

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