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23 Aug 1998 20:17:01 +0200


The main difference between the sentist view as Avatar Polymorph puts it and the basic transhumanist view appears to be epistemic: transhumanism is deep down empirical, and even if some transhumanists may accept other forms of knowledge as valid insights everything in the end needs to be grounded in shared objective reality. Sentists, and some other transhumanism-like groups, appear to be basically mystical: knowledge about the future can be achieved through non-rational insight.

Avatar Polymorph <> writes:

> Transhumanists can expect to fragment along societal lines - to a degree
> - even Extropians will find the same process at work. Diversity can be
> embraced - it's a hoot.

I would be surprised if there didn't appear many different transhumanist views and movements, not necessarily compatible. But at the same time it is interesting to look at the similarities, and the problem of how to coperate with groups with incompatible philosophies/worldviews without violating one's own outlook.

> Perhaps Transhumanists should link their sites to the Church of Bob? I'd
> vote for it.

Not the best way of gaining the credibility transhumanism needs if it is going to be useful. But definitely a methadone for religious opium :-)

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