Re: NUTRIENTS: Sources of Information?

Harvey Newstrom (
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 03:51:52 -0400

I shamelessly plug my own book, _Nutrients_Catalog_, as a source of information about nutrients. Info can be found at

The main page has some quotes from various reviewers. The "Recommended by..." menu shows Internet references to the book I have found online. The "Nutrients Catalog..." menu has excerpts from the book including the Table of Contents, Preface, How to Use this Book, and a couple of the small appendices. The "Available Online..." menu links to online bookstores that sell the book.

Disclaimer: I'm biased because I'm the author. Take a look at the info and decide for yourself. I don't sell books directly, but I get a kickback if you buy it from, and I get royalties on every book sold. Strangely, I get more money for referring customers to than the publisher pays me for writing the book.

I intended this book to cover every nutrient known, mistakenly thought, or falsely claimed to be a nutrient for humans. I deliberately gave various doseage recommendations so no one can tell if I personally believe in megadoses or the RDA's. I also give alleged benefits as well as alleged problems with each nutrient. I am not trying to push people toward or away from nutrition. It is a reference book for looking up data; it is not a readable book or a how-to book.

Does ExI have a lending library for members? I would gladly donate a copy of the book to ExI, or to someone who wants to review it for this list. Since this is in response to Hara Ra, you can have first dibs on a free copy if you want it.