Re: NUTRIENTS: Sources of Information?

Hara Ra (
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 00:04:06 -0700

Thomas Donaldson has published an excellent source book called "A Guide to Anti-Aging Drugs". It comes in a small binder and he updates it now and then. Everyting discussed has at least animal studies supporting it. Many of these items are either OTC or available at health food stores. Cost is about $ 30.00, IMHO a Bargain!

Contact him at: Thomas Donaldson <>

>Can list member suggest resources that add value to the great mass of
>information that is available? In particular, I and I think a lot of people
>are looking for two things: Order and Quality. Are there any sites out there
>that do a decent job of organizing up-to-date information about supplements
>and offer quality information about them?
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