Re: AGING: List Members Experiences with Melatonin?

Anders Sandberg (
22 Aug 1998 19:13:27 +0200 writes:

> There's no question in my mind that melatonin works well to reset your clock
> and induce sleep with no after-effects of next-day grogginess.

This is my (extremely limited, two data points) experience too. It does wonders with jet-lag, and this is a well documented area.

> I can't speak to the potential for broader systemic benefits, since I haven't
> done a control with a clone :-) I'm unaware of any long-term rigorous
> experiments that are being done, but I'm someone is carrying out such
> research. I would be very curious to see the results of any such studies.

So far there is no good scientific evidence for life extension; lots of intriguing hints and studies that can be doubted, but no evidence I would bet on.

See for example


author = {A. Brzezinski},
title = {Melatonin in humans},
journal = {N Engl J Med},
volume = {336},
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month = {Jan 16},
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He mentions that it *may* enhance immune response, protect against tumors and influence sexual maturation. The antioxidant effects are likely only in pharmacologic concentrations, not in the ordinary concentrations.

Personally, I will likely only use melatonin to fix jet lag until I notice that my leves start to decrease overly due to aging.

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