Re: Re : Challenge To Nicholas Bostrom

Michelle Jones (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 08:10:17 -0700

jonathan, my only question is how does one rearrange the letters of jonathan grimes to get jenny peter chambers? im left with an unused o,n,a,g,i and havent found a place for n,y,p,e,e,c,b,e,r. is my palindrome theory wrong? {8-[ spike

Jenny Peter Chambers wrote:

> Nicholas Bostrom Wrote :
> > The situation is simply this. I got a messege from
> > Jonathan Grimes, wherein he was jubilant about how
> > easy a time he had had tricking everybody into
> > believing in the censorship rumor... <snip>
> I take complete responsibility for Jenny Chambers...
> Jonathan Grimes